Using technology to boost your Podiatry Practice’s New Patient Numbers

1 September 2020

Through social networks, millions of people are communicating multiple times a day about everything, including healthcare.

But, social networks about ‘everything’ cannot accurately and efficiently address concerns that relate to more specific topic like healthcare.

Social networks that focus on specific areas or professions are rapidly increasing in numbers as they are being recognized by users as a valuable resource from which they can draw the right answers and achieve desired results.

For any healthcare practice, being active in social media results in new patient numbers, reactivations and referrals, and this may be dramatic if done well. People will see your posts, be reminded of you, be engaged with your content and when appropriate, call to make an appointment or refer you to a friend.

Prominent social media users may be contacted by leaders of their communities, media outlets and other doctors, and asked to help, and this eventually ripples back as new patients calling to make appointments.

All this can be done with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but these platforms are not specialized. Other specialized health care sites, like Doximity or Sermo. are geared toward connecting doctors who don’t know each other with a view to collaboration, but they also are not aimed at any particular field of healthcare.

That is why FootChat (free signup here) was created: to address the next big challenge in podiatry which is facilitating online communication between podiatrists, patients, athletes, students and anyone interested in foot healthcare and aesthetics.

Healthcare is being redefined by technology and today podiatry is a specialty that is more relevant and needed than ever. This combination presents unique opportunities for Podiatry practices worldwide that should not be missed out. Join the online FootChat community (Web, Android, iOS) and learn more.

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