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Meet my team of health AI chatbots

29 December 2020

As a tech company founder in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered space, my schedule is very busy with long working hours. Overall, at times this can get very physically demanding.

Lately, minor health issues tend to crop up more often and unfortunately the strategy of letting things like minor foot injuries, stress (not to mention cholesterol or blood pressure) take care of themselves seems to no longer work so well.

At the beginning of 2020 I made a new year's resolution: I would outsource, hire or somehow create a support mechanism to ease the burden as regards personal health, wellness and exercise management. In this way I would save time and raise the standards.

But after a quick calculation in regards to hiring a personal trainer, dietician, medical consultant and wellness expert the cost and the extra burden of managing these people was a problem.

Being in AI technology, I decided to enlist a select group of free AI chatbots to help me out!

For those new to the concept, chatbots are AI mobile or web applications that act like humans and perform all kinds of automated tasks, communicating with you by way of text messages or voice.

Daily Schedule
So, my day starts at the breakfast table, where right after eating and just before the first (of many) coffee of the day I text Forsky, my diet coach chatbot, about what was on the menu.

Forksy keeps my food diary, tracks calories, and provides basic nutritional tips based on my eating habits. Forksy tells me how to improve my eating habits, reacting cumulatively to my healthy and unhealthy meals.

Reminder Chatbot
As I walk towards my car to get to the office, Florence texts me. Florence is my health management chatbot that reminds me that I forgot to take my daily health supplement and motivates me to get with it if I want to see results. She can also present medicine specific information, track my body weight and assess stress levels.

Best time of the day
After work, in the late afternoon, it is time for exercise with my personal digital trainer, BodBot. BodBot provides AI workouts customized to my goals, equipment, physical abilities and desired difficulty. I get step-by-step guidance for each exercise and progression, and the workout plan adapts over time as I complete (or miss) sessions.

Finally, as I have always been very interested in sports and exercise but also want to be well informed as regards foot health as well as on issues like getting the right shoes for walking or jogging so that I can keep exercising, I use FootChat, the only social network on the web specializing in foot health, treatments and aesthetics in addition to podiatry, shoes and sports. Used by podiatrists or anyone interested in foot health related issues (e.g. diabetic foot), I use it daily to check out trending topics and connect with friends.

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